Please use this mapping tool on a personal computer browser to enable the full visibility and navigation options.
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San Francisco to San Jose

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Map Instructions

This map is equipped with various tools to make viewing and navigation as easy as possible. These can all be accessed in the title bar in the following order:

1. The information icon next to the logo will close and open this sidebar.

2. The Basemap dropdown will let you choose between four basemaps: Basic, satellite imagery (Google), Google Streets, and USGS Topographic.

3. The Navigation dropdown will let you quickly hop to a different city.

4. The first of the four icons (to the right of the Navigation dropdown) toggles the Address Locator window. Enter an address for quick navigation. Be sure to include St, Ave, etc. in the address.

5. The second icon (which looks like a stack of papers) toggles the Project Alternatives window. Here you can toggle between preliminary design footprints A and B, and turn on property parcels within two miles of the alternatives. Clicking on a footprint feature will tell the component name and clicking on a parcel will tell you the Assesor's Parcel Number (APN).

6. The third icon (which looks like a bullet list) toggles the legend window.

7. The fourth icon (which looks like a camera) will let you capture a formatted screenshot of the map. Be sure to set the intended zoom and legend placement prior to clicking this button. A file called “screenshot.png” will download and show up in the lower left corner of the screen. Click on that file and then you can save that image.